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Dr Orla Killene
Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in Rheumatology
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Ireland
Wonderful and beautifully illustrated, this book is quite simply long overdue in our paediatric wards and GP surgeries! It is an essential tool for preparing and helping you and your child through the anxious moments of blood sampling.
28 Jan 06
Mr Robin Garrett-Cox FRCS
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.
Young children can be frightened by hospitals. Sandy the Starfish will provide an easy way to explain what will happen in hospital and why. The more young children have explained to them, the less scary a situation becomes. Less fear means a better hospital stay for a child, their parents and the medical staff looking after them. 17 Jan 06
Ms Dee Martin
This book was massively helpful in preparing my very well child for a routine visit to the doctor for pre-school boosters. 20 Feb 06
Mrs Laura Young
In developing this book I hope that by reading it together with your child, using ‘Magic Cream’ and a small amount of bribery, will enable young children to have blood tests with minimum upset.
Sandra Hunt
Hospital Play therapist
RHSC Edinburgh
The book would be most useful to use with children who are needle phobic and need reinforcement until the gain confidence with this very painful and frightening procedure. It’s a very holistic book to use for younger children, and particularly those with cognitive difficulties. 9 Feb 06
Roger Coulthard
StacPolly Restaurants, Edinburgh.
Beautifully illustrated - It was a great help for my daughter’s pre-school jabs.
Sophie Mitchell
publisher, Dorling Kindersley, Strand, London.
It’s very nicely produced – lift-the flap can be tricky to do and this is very good. The content is well-focused – a result, I’m sure of you having first-hand experience of this situation. The book is very gentle and thoughtful, which is exactly right in this context – but with the right amount of fun and intrigue to keep the child turning the pages.
P. Wild
A & E Nurse London
Helps take the fear away for parent and child – another piece in the armoury for telling children what to expect and not to be frightened.
An Independent Midwife
Brilliant! Play and reading are a perfect way to help children with a new situation.
Lesley Jolliffe
Practice Nurse, Lothian Health, Scotland.
Children who come for vaccination unprepared are always more distressed. 'Sandy the Starfish' is an excellent way for parents to discuss what will happen and makes the procedure more relaxed for the child, parents and the staff.
Sondra Scott
Woodmac, Edinburgh.
Remember parents when you were kids and detested the visit to the doctor, particularly for anything involving needles! If so you must read Sandy Starfish to your kids so that they don't have to go through the same anxiety. Its a lovely book which kids will be drawn to and which can really help parent's prepare the kids for the dreaded visit to the Docs office. I enjoyed it so much, I have begun to include it with all my newborn gifts.