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We have been inundated with kind of offers of help from across the country, across the Channel and even from across the globe. Many thanks to all our wonderful supportive friends for this - we wouldn’t have remained as sane as we have it wasn’t for you.

The one thing you could do is donate a pint of blood, or platelets. We all have come to realise how much Verity’s ward consumes; Verity certainly with each round of chemotherapy (every three weeks), as the drugs ‘kick in’ and decimate her body of any fast growing cells, needs either platelets or blood (haemoglobin) and often requires a top up of both. In some ways it amazes me, that with all the advances in modern science e.g. the drugs Verity is on, there is still nothing we can manufacture, or buy, that replaces the reliance on blood donations.

Please think about whether you would donate. It only takes about 20 minutes to donate a pint of blood, but platelets takes longer, about 2 hours.

Verity wants to get 100 pints (infact she first suggested 1000, being the largest number she could think of after a trillion billion million) into the blood banks around the country.

Please come to Verity’s session at Cargilfield School, Edinburgh, or may-be organise your own session at a Transfusion Unit near where you live if you can’t donate on the day. We will do a final total at the end of May.

The Young family would like to give a big thank you to Cargilfield School for offering to host a mobile unit from the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service on 30th April.

Please take at least one blood buddy with you, for support and to boost the numbers. Anyone who manages to organise a group session will get a special mention on the web-site.

Please let us know when you have donated verity@indiastreet.co.uk.

Thanks a trillion-million-billion from Verity

To find out if you are eligible to give blood, or want to donate at a centre nearer you go to www.blood.co.uk

The donors in action....